Enjoy the Pastor's Article from our monthly newsletter


I have no idea what is going to happen in the next few weeks.  I expect there to be lots of noise, plenty of confusion, and probably some violence.  The violence leading up to this election has been too carefully orchestrated to suddenly stop on November 4.  Since I am not a prophet, I will stop guessing about the future.  What I want to do in this article is repeat some of the important points I have been making leading up to this event.

We are not the world.  We are the Church.  Saints are fundamentally different from unsaved humanity.  This is easy to forget as we live and work among them.  We who are united with Jesus by faith have been born again into eternal life.  We have a divine resource the world lacks.  We have been adopted into a heavenly family.  The focus of our identity and loyalty has been changed.  We are citizens of an eternal kingdom.  Rome lasted 1000 years.  The USA has dominated world events for a couple hundred years.  Jesus’ kingdom will displace them all and never end.

We can get into trouble when we forget this fundamental difference in who we are.  Our hopes and dreams can hook onto the wrong star.  Our passions and emotions can be driven by the wrong values.  We can find ourselves fighting in the mud when we are destined to sit on thrones.  Our future and security have already been established.  That future depends on the unchangeable promises and power of God. We are the Church.

Yet, what we do in this world matters.  Jesus left us here for a reason.  We currently live as citizens of two kingdoms.  This is only temporary, but an escapist attitude does not honor our Lord or strengthen the Church.   Our words, our deeds and our votes all matter.  Our first assignment is to call people to saving faith in Jesus Christ.  But it is right for us to work for the betterment of those people.  Love and mercy are family traits. Common grace points people to God.  We can each grow and lay up treasure by doing God’s work among sinful humanity.  We can help our nation to be better or worse.  It is right for us to want our nation to be the best that it can be.

God has no special promises for the United States of America.  This seems to be a point at which good Christians get confused.  Scripture identifies some kingdoms that still have a part to play and promises to receive.  The USA is not among them.  Our nation is special, but not holy.  I believe that God has blessed and used our nation in very significant ways over her history; but she is only a kingdom of this earth and will pass away.  God used Babylon and Assyria when it served his purposes.  No one confuses those pagan kingdoms with his Chosen People.  God is not dependent on the USA to fulfill his plans for the human race.

The Church outlives all the kingdoms of earth.  The general outline of prophecy is clear.  The focus of world power will return to the Mediterranean region.  The final kingdom of human history will be directed from spiritual Babylon by the Antichrist.  This totally demonic world power will be overthrown by Christ at his return. That is the tipping point of world history.  From that point on, Jesus will directly control earth’s affairs, and the Saints will reign along with him. About 1000 years later, all earthly powers will be dissolved and a new heaven and new earth introduced.  We will be right there with him in eternal blessing and glory.